Quel chemin Espagnol ?

La via de la Plata est un bon choix pour un deuxième ou troisième chemin. Cependant les conditions climatiques peuvent être difficiles. Il faut partir tôt au printemps de Séville pour ne pas trop souffrir de la chaleur.
Par ailleurs, les étapes sont longues notamment à cause des hébergements moins nombreux que sur le Frances.
Enfin, il est bon d’apprendre quelques mots d’espagnol parce que l’anglais et le français sont peu parlés dans les provinces traversées.




kilometers or miles per day on the camino ?

How many kilometers or miles  should I walk each day on the camino ?

It’s better to talk about duration to run per day instead of distance per day. 6 ou 7 hours walking or running it is enough to keep little a time to eat, drink, wash, sleeping and meeting others pilgrims. So if your speed average per hour is 7 km you can do 50 Km per day for 16 days. No, you are not crazy. Have good fun on the way.

1879 – Rediscovery of the the relics of St. James

St. James suffered martyrdom A.D. 44  and, according to the tradition of the early Church, he had not yet left Jerusalem at this time (cf. Clement of Alexandria, Stromata VI; Apollonius, quoted by Eusebius, Church History VI.18).

In the year 1878, the Archbishop of Santiago – issued an instruction to find the relics of St. James and his two disciples, hidden three centuries earlier by order of Archbishop Juan Sanclemente. They had been hidden for fear of the English invasion of Admiral Drake.

Image The relics were rediscovered on 28 January 1879 in the floor of the cathedral retrochoirWhen the Vatican was informed of their discovery, Pope Leo XIII declared  the authenticity of the rediscovered sacred relics of Compostela in the Bull « Omnipotens Deus, » of 1 November, 1884.