I’m sure that most people walking the Camino aren’t religious.

They are not practising Catholics, neither Christians. A lot of them do not practice any faith at all, but everyone still find a spiritual connection with the Camino .
When I was young, I was a Catholic and I remain influenced by Judeo-Christian culture. Even though I no longer believe in supreme master.
I do not believe that any of the three monotheistic religions is usefull. Instead, they are responsible for the greatest evils of the world
So I have not undertook seven times the Camino for religious reasons .

Having said that, I remain influenced by my Judeo-Christian culture. I love to visit churches, I like the magnificence of the spectacle of the Mass, the beauty of the scenery and the smell of incense.

I appreciate what the Camino offers, and every time I find some spirituality during this nice long hike and I love to meet people.

Buen Camino



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