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It is crucially important if you want to stay in most albergues! If you are staying in hostales and hotels, you don’t need it.

€ 400,000 spent on the Camino Frances in the region of Leon

The councils in the area have turned a year in the historical path

Aware of the potential economic, social and cultural development and the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage Jacobean phenomenon, municipalities in the district of Sahagún « blessed » by the way have left this year not to spoil the historic route and invest in improving infrastructure and services provided there to ‘Concheiros’.BreakfastAccording to the data they handle the first five consistories Leon route: Grajal de Campos (Camino de Madrid), Sahagún, Bercianos Camino Real and El Burgo Ranero (French Road) and Calzada del Coto (Via Trajan), have been a total than €400,000 in 2011 aimed at improving the road and its services. Renewal of access, expansion of shelters or construction of new, signage and refinement are the most repeated interventions.

Field Grajal
The villa graliarense, adjacent to the Camino de Madrid, « has invested some €148,000 this year in the Camino de Santiago, specifically in the refurbishment of the old dungeons of the palace of the Counts and putting in value as shelter pilgrims. The intervention could be ready later this year « , reveals the ruler, Francisco Espinosa.

Calzada del Coto
The City of Calzada del Coto, gateway to the stretch known as Trajan’s Way (Roman road), has focused its investment in improving the road segment that crosses the municipality with an investment of €20,700 euros. As explained yesterday, the ruler of Calzada, Pablo Carbajal, « the concept is to further improve the environment and incorporate, over the coming months resting areas and sources. »

Camino Real BercianosOn the edge of the French Way, the Consistory of Camino Real Bercianos the investment has focused on « improving the urban stretch of the route passes through the center of town. The investment made in this section is €30,000 « , reports the first mayor of Bercianos, Victor Fidel Rueda.
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Camino Francés – Do I need a guidebook? 

Only two sheets for all the Camino Frances

You don’t even need any guidebook or maps. and many people who are prepared simply to follow the well trod path from one albergue to the next often just print out a list of the « stages » and where the albergues are.
You only need two sheets of paper dowloaded on the web

You can see « stages » PDF - 210.2 ko  You may print this list of stages  PDF - 331.6 ko

Via podiensis  PDF - 27 ko


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