Is it better elsewhere ?

I read the following lines this morning from my trailer stationed in Flanders. I liked the answers to the messages on the French site « Voyage Forum »

As soon as I come back to France, and although I say « it’s better-elsewhere. »
Wherever we went, I feel a kind of lightness of life, unless prohibited, pressure, sadness, and I find myself dreaming of elsewhere ,

live elsewhere, life simpler, more authentic, with color, color everywhere, markets, clothing, housing, etc. ….! meeting of souls, real people, gentle and kind, total release with everything modern, the technological upmanship, the indifference of the other, confinement, anti-racism in France old anti-poor, anti-poor, anti beautiful, beautiful anti-etc … etc. .. leak information, politics, jealousy, the evil, the fool, the greedy. And in my lucid moments I think that finally there is the pros and cons in every country, every city, and the best of all worlds is not down here maybe, and then also I think you should know better BACK SPREAD, but still ….! Is it better elsewhere?

la suite en français sur cette page Pourquoi toujours penser que « AILLEURS » est mieux que son pays ? – Voyage Forum.


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