How much should I allow each day on the camino ?

withdraw money using a credit card

Our budget for a married couple for 65 days of Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Jacques de Compostela (summer 2010 prices)
Accommodation (hotel, camping, lodging, board, albergue) € 1,385.88
FOOD (Restaurant, bar, grocery store) € 1,580.56
EQUIPMENT (camera, solar charger, sleeping bag € 222.25
DOCUMENTATION (yum-yum dodo, etc. credencial. € 27.00
DIVERSE € 95.90
TRAVEL (go and return to the house) € 328.50. It is more expensive for Australians;-)
PHARMACY € 22.00
€ 3662.09

Daily accommodation is € 1385.88 divided by 65 days for a married couple
or € 10.66 for one person
The food in the amount of € 1580.56 could obviously be reduced costs of drinks (beer andcoca) in the bars of a « total » of € 379.30 or € 1201.26 for 2 people is 9.24 € per person.
The expenses of materials and equipment must be removed for € 222.25
Miscellaneous expenses and pharmacy are just over € 1 per day per person

As regards the costs of travel to and they vary according to place of departure and hometo reduce € 328.50
After all these corrections the grand total (excluding travel costs) is € 2732.04
days to 65 days per person per day € 21.02

A little humor to conclude: Prices are in euros but this money is very sick or almost dead, so you can hope for a better exchange dollars or sterling


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  1. i too came from the above forum…..spain is getting more expensive though revision to 25/28 more realistic for 2012


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