Best steps to Saint-James de Compostela

Saint-Privat-d’Allier to Saugues: small stage 18km. The 21 / 5Step 3: Saugues Chanaleilles to 15km then vain attempt to pitch our tent around the Domaine du Sauvage (21km) The reception was so bad in this refuge public (the owner is the general council of the department) we have continued to Camping St-Alban-sur-Limagnole. This step was too long, should have been the domain of the Wild book. The latter place is beautiful even if the blonde décoloradasse we received a deserved slap.Step 4: St-Alban-sur-Limagnole in Aumont-Aubrac was reduced to 14.5 km to compensate for the dribbling of the previous day. Had to economize, we still had nearly 1500 km to go. The campground was closed we planted anyway. In the morning it was peeling to wash in cold water. The 23 / 5 Nice stage between Aumont-Aubrac and Aubrac Nasbinals via Rieutort. These 21km in the Aubrac are pleasant to cross. The village is a beautiful Nasbinals.I love the church. The next day, crossing pastures until Dômerie Aubrac in the middle of cow herds is impressive for city dwellers. The cattle breed of Aubrac is impressive: the bull in the middle of the herd is a monster of muscles that surround the cows are made-up around the eyes. The Dômerie Aubrac is too close to Nasbinals to sleep but it’s a pretty nice place. Take the time to take a walk in the house of the Aubrac (expo and free internet …). Then a long and beautiful descent to Saint-Chely-d’Aubrac less than 18 km in the day. We did not want to force too early. We had built our training in our parcours.The seventh stage from Saint-Chely-d’Aubrac in Espalion is beautiful but you have to do without an unnecessary detour along the road that borders the lot. The ballad in Espalion with sausage and aligot it’s good memories The next day we arrived in Giscard d’Estaing Village. He bought the beautiful after his father purchased the title on 1920. The village of Estaing is beautiful even if the lord is a little bogus. It is from d’Estaing as we saw the first drop of pilgrims who thought they could reach St. Jean Pied de Port, Pamplona or St Jacques (tendinitis, loneliness, too heavy bags etc.).. The path is « 20% physical and 80% of moral »The next day, day 9, stage d’Estaing did Golinhac que15km but it gave us time to look at the landscape. The tenth step is very important: it is the arrival at Conques. This village is one of the most beautiful on the GR 65. After 21km, the contemplation of the great tympanum is well deserved. The visit of the Abbey, soberly lighted by windows of Pierre Soulages, is a must (draft beer on the square too …) We camped on the banks of Dourdou near the beautiful bridge called « Roman ». We just had to pass the bridge the next morning to continue the adventure of 1200 km before arriving in Santiago in Galicia on July 22 2010

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