Advice and tips for St James

Photograph of a closed Number 8 Opinel

Photograph of a closed Number 8 Opinel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Re: [nessa92] Way to St. James de Compostela (French side) in May (in reply to …)
 12 mai 2011
à 1:54  

You do not need a map. The path is well marked in GR. But, take the guide miammiam dodo (order online the last edition). All accommodations are included (address, price, phone etc.). With a map and mileage. To limit the weight of this book, you can delete pages and cardboard covers. After that the weight is 180 grams from Le Puy and every day used pages are placed in the rubbish.
To set your path, I advise you to follow the GR 65. This way is beautiful. In addition, all the many services for hikers on the GR (lodges, hotels, restaurants, bar, camping, guest houses).

It must be said that walking 25 km every day, finding accommodation, eating, sleeping, toileting and washing, treating his feet … it takes a long time.

The ideal is to start early in the morning around 7 o’clock. Arrival at the stage occurs about 13 hours. We must find our accommodation (which may be withheld by phone the day before or the morning). After putting the bags, we were eating and drinking a beer.Then an hour nap. Then shower, washing and drying clothes. Then visit the village, re-beer, discussions with other backpackers (very important and even necessary) and evening meal. Preparation of the bag for the next day and in bed for 22 hours to up around 6:30. Beginning of the march to 7 hours (without queuing for the shower that was taken the day before), breakfast often in the first open bar. And so for 30 days to reach SJPDP.

An important tip, essentially primordial right away, from day one, from the first moment, reach out to others. The road is a different world! A world of exchange. Talk, jabber in English, Spanish, by signs, trade. I say this because we did not at first. What a mistake!

Like you, we had this path in mind for over 15 years. We visited all the sites on all roads, Toulouse, Vezelay, conch, Chorley, Avignon, St Guillem, Nasbinals Nevers, La Sout ‘etc.. We had read so many guides and visit so many web pages that we set martel in mind. We left the Cathedral of Le Puy concerned about promiscuity, suspicious of religious proselytism after reading an impressive number of absurdities charged by Internet users who have never made the journey. Of dingoes on the keyboard that you warn against theft. Embittered jealous of you say « do not go one year Pilgrim. »
Bed bugs, not nice Spaniards, Germans who make rude last places in shelters, here are some nonsense that you should not believe.

Ask me all questions, even the most trivial, I’ll give my opinion with maximum objectivity.
Should we cut the handle of his toothbrush, why take only 2 Finisher T.shirt, the Opinel No. 5 that weighs how much?, A silk sleeping bag for what?

To each his own way … adventure is the adventure … If hiking the  camino is to live with the same comforts as at home or hotel, if it’s forbidden to talk to his neighbor at the albergue, if not mingling with others, if you’ve to carry  on the shoulders between 15 and 20 kg of unnecessary stuff to smash the back …then it is better to stay home and watch TV.

Leave the mind free and serene, walk between the broom of Aubrac, lulled by your own meditative stroll along the valley of the Lot …



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