Light material for sketching

2 brushes tank filled with water, Kolinsky sable brush shortcut
1 brush brush fitted on a small piece 4B pencil
8 water colors:
cadmium yellow medium,
Alizarin crimson
cerulean blue,
ultramarine blue,
emerald green,
burnt sienna,
Gray Payne
in half-cups embedded in a foam block.
The whole is in a ziplock.
1 sheet format grapes (50×65 cm) cut into 16 pieces of 12.5 x 16.1 used double-sided drawing is possible 32.
The total weight is 59 gr + 106g for the 325 paper weight but you can take to reduce weight 180gm/m2 paper 59 gr.
Maybe I’ll replace the paper with a Moleskine 9×14 cm 40 sheets (54 gr)


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  1. Hi Letendre!
    Congratulations for the initiative to travel light and thank you for your support to our Moscow group!
    Best regards,


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