What to bring in your backpack for St James

The most important advice I can give you is to wear as little as possible.

a 50 – 55 liters backpack is the good size.  Mine is a RANDO-LIGHT HIKING 55 Liters? It’s not cheap but very light and good quality.  I think 55 liters is the best size to put all items inside it including the mattress. In 2010, we walked from Le Puy en Velay to Santiago my wife  brought 5.3 kg and me 7.3 kg  of equipment in our backpacks off supplies.   The size of each of our backpacks was 55 liters. If we add a little food and a liter of water the weight of my backpack was less than 9 kg and that of my wife did not exceed 7 kg. Our list confirmed on the GR65 and the Spanish camino to St Jacques de Compostela(Santiago) was published on the excellent forum randonnerleger (RL)  http://www.randonner-leger.org

This is essentially the same list as those developed at the beginning of the year before we left 19 May 2010 Puy-en-Velay.The different versions of our package we have won a few hundred grams. For example I had and considered advice to the Opinel knife n ° 6, the mini-lighter and warmer. Weight gains of some items have enabled us to win new ones. The weights of the two bags are 7.3 kg and 5.3 kg

This list can be easily cut and paste in Excel and update with your own weight
Details weight Designation weight
Cotton scarf bandanna 26 backpack-LIGHT HIKING OUTDOOR 55 L 863
a pair of fine silk gloves 26 light backpack and trash bag 43
2 Polyester Tshirt Quechua 297 Pack bag Prior Balance A-LIGHT 179
fleece 439 T2 ultralight pro tent D4 without inner tent 1185
slip 1 on the body and 2 in the bag 165 sleeping bag Decathlon comfort at 15 ° 668
shorts 146 Foama mattress with an aluminum face 180×50 226
jogging pants 270 Silk sleeping bag Raidlight 125
Stockings and socks 150 Empty plastic bottle to bring 1 liter of water 32
slippers for camp 135 Opinel knife n ° 6 27
Survival blanket 56 aluminum spoon 11
cape for rain Forclaz 300 Light 308 metal cup 36
clothing 2018 <=> clothing 2018
Toiletry 276 <=> Toiletry 276
baking soda for brushing teeth 42 Headlamp 77
Toilet paper 40 digital camera without the cover 170
Sunglasses 9 mobile phone and charger 70
shower gel and shampoo 41 USB Solar Charger 120
nail clippers and nail file 18 USB Mains Charger 72
Half soap 79 Identity card 5
Short toothbrush 4 Health Card (vital) 5
small towel + wash cloth Quechua 62 crédenciale 16
comb 9 Card Payment 6
Small folding scissors 14 mutual card paper 1
2 safety pins 2 1 sack of Ziploc freezer for papers 3
Aspi pump venom against insect bites 28 5 formula checks and cash 55
Tire-tick 3 the key to the house 14
tweezers 5 Guide Miamiam dodo CARD case 165
personal medication 31 Notebooks, pencil and watercolor 121
Duck Tape to tape bandages and repairs 58 Book making notes + pen + refill ziplock 26
earplugs 2 BIC 4 color pen + pencil 13
elastoplast, Compeed plaster in Ziplock 42
sunscreen 96
kit Pharmacy 265 <=> kit Pharmacy 265
2 sticks 484 Real package without consumable 6893
Polyester Tshirt Quechua 154 bread 100
Capri Crivit 177 MUESLI 206
Slip 45 tuna 202
A bra 36 eggs 70
Pair of socks or stockings 89 dried fruit 252
Shoes vibram Décatlhon 907 One liter of water 1000
cotton cap 65 Totals consumables (food and drink) 1830
eyeglasses 24 Totals on the back 8723
Handling of self 1892 <=> Handling 1892
Totals 10615

Terms of this list ————————————- Hiking time: 65 days 1600 km from Le Puy en Velay to Santiago de Compostela Minimum and maximum heights: 200-1400m Weather: 0 ° to 40 ° C, rain and a thunderstorm in Logrono. We had very cold in the Velay and the Aubrac (around 0 ° at night). We were very hot on the plateau and again a little cold in Galicia. Season: In these conditions our list seems to be regarded as three seasons. Time between resupply: 1 day. Level / Difficulty: easy hike in the lowlands and highlands. Our standard of trekking: We practice walking for over 30 years in the mountains GR 20, Mercantour, Oisans Physical condition: good, given our age 60. Number of hikers: 2 (husband and wife) We made the GR65 from Le Puy in Roncevalles and the Camino de Santiago in 2010 and trails Stevenson in 2011 and Régordane Without the advice of forum members RandonnerLeger.org, we would be left with bags of mules and we would certainly not reached the end of 1600 km. The proof of the quality of advice I received was that my provisional list is very different from my actual list to return home. We removed before leaving: – The watch Polar, which overlapped with the little GPS  Géonaute. I know that you can easily do without it but sometimes it’s good for morale and the more I wore it on me – The driver’s license 11 gr – Cloth handkerchiefs 20 gr – GSM headphones. In this regard, I planned to take pictures with my mobile phone but it was too much a hassle Because the battery was flat after 3 pictures. As a result, we bought a camera to Espalion weight 180gr with 2 batteries – The knife corkscrew 22gr but we bought a corkscrew that I shortened the two wings of the handle with a hacksaw (gain = 4 22-18 gr) – Small blade cutter 1 gr I had brought to shorten the two foam mats but I have finally given up by laziness – The chamois 50 x 38 cm 53 gr

– the water bladder 99 gr replaced by two plastic bottles  We have bought along the way because we had the carrying capacity :  – Camping gas stove to cook for because with alcohol  is too difficult;  – A camera as stated above;  – An extra sleeping bag (600g) as a cover for us because in the Velay in May, you do not do what you like. There is -2 ° C at night. So with our two sleeping bags in light of D4 (15 ° comfort) and despite the two bags of silk meat was very cold. It’s a little less true by putting the two survival blankets golden face up in the tent, under the foam mattress.  – Crocs shoes to replace my camp too close (they were always women’s shoes!)  – A solar charger to recharge phones and GPS 65 gr  We left in 2011, a ballad of the same barrel, that’s what we changed:  – No silk shirts because of the fragility and T shirt in place of synthetic fibers  – No bowls  – No wind barrier multilayer aluminum food: never used  – No material watercolor (I’ve never used)  – Replaced a dynamo lamp  by a real  front to walk at night (Headlamp Petzl Tikka Plus 2 83gr)  – No bathing suit 101gr  – No toothpaste powder 41gr is too expensive and you can brush your teeth with household soap  Finally, what we felt needed and we could not miss to take:  – The bandanas for the sun, sweating and cold ears  – Meat bags silk Raidlight  – Including gloves to sleep with at night  – Backpacks Raidlight very light. Although they are expensive and fragile, they have also not too withstand 65 days of abuse, but they contained defects seams. In return we Raidlight exchanged against a brand new and well sewn including the ventral . Lords in Raidlight!  – The leggings or tights for the night when it freezes  – Pilgrims to both protect themselves from the rain and cold. 

For cleaner bags and not to hang the obstacles we had done everything in our backpacks 55 liters. All items were stowed in the foam mattress rolled up andpinned against the wall inside the bag. The result was a pack mule monstrousadventure! How manly! As a result, when the afternoon on the terrace bars we drank beer, we discuss ourailments and load our bags and we support by blustering that we do portionsrespectively less than 8 kg and less than 6kg the other hikers did not believe us. Then they were sawn when they ended in disbelief, to accept our invitation to weigh our bags. I forgot to tell you that I carried plastic wrap bought in Quercy Limogne to treat inocclusive dressings in Niflugel both my tendonitis to me kindly together for more than 50 days of 65. This voilou and thank you to those who have given us a phobia of grams! Without their advice and with my tendons rotten, we would never come to the end with 15 to 20 kg on the back. ————————————————– —————————– Below, a link to a message in french for the comprehensive package on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This is not the same walk the Camino de Santiago or the GR 20 or the Stevenson, but it’s interesting to see the importance of the weight of the bag.

Lest that message disappears I reproduce much below in broken English,
Here is his list of gear used in 2006 on the Pacific Crest Trail with « Sodamail » alias « French bob ‘:Backpack Osprey Aether 60 Medium modified: 1250g RidgeRest deluxe mattress 130cm: 290g Tent Six Moon Lunar Solo E design: 800g 6 6 inch posts Easton: 60g Sleeping Bag Western Mountaineering UltraLite 20 ° C F/-7: 800g Meals: 212g including: MSR Titan Kettle: 125g + Turbo Stove alchol Brasslite F: + 23g plastic cup: 22g + Windscreen titanium mini Bic lighter 7g +: 12g Lexan spoon: 11g + Sponge: 0g + Bag: 12g = 212g Two water pockets Platipus 2L: + tuilleau 64g: 62g = 126g Contenair plastic 8 oz Alchol: 28g Pharmacy: 250g Tikka +: 79g Towel MSR: 13g Marmot Softshell Driclime: 435g or Golite Coal: 460g (for North) Poncho Rain homemade: 148g or Marmot Precip: 360g (for North) Wool socks at night: 79g Odlo Warm thermal units High Low: 363g (Oregon + Washington) Buff: 35g Gaitres Simblissity: 50g Headnet: 21g Rain pants homemade: 85g Bonet Patagonia: 64g Stretch Gloves North Face: 40g Tongs: 130g Toilet paper: 50g Katadyn Hiker: 352g or Katadyn Bottle: 155g (for Sierra), Steripen: 224g (for Oregon) MP3 Dictaphone Olympus: 47g Canon A620 Digital: 350g (with 4 AA batteries) 2x AA Batteries 4 + 4 SD cards (8GB): 250g Tripod: 100g Topo Maps: 100g Total: 6600g (without food & water)
On his body this is the basis of clothing: Montrail Shoes Hardrock 44 Wide: 772g Cap NB: 49g Millet shirt: 178g Pant / short North Face: 330g Slip REI: 63g Socks X-Socks Air Force One: 59g Sunglasses: 23g Suunto: 56g Total: 1530g Leki Makalu poles 2: 530g Food around 3200g for 4 days You must add a box for KG Ours (Bear-resistant food storage container) required in the Sierra of 350km Some carry an ice ax when they cross the Sierra in May / June, I prefer spikes useful on the frozen snow. This year, starting his bag weighed 10kg with 4 days of food and a liter of water. Next evolution: ULA Circuit Backpack 60L: 900g Rainbow Tent Tarptent: 900g Patagonia Puff pullover: 340g to replace the Golite Coal / Marmot Driclime Golite Virga: 260g to replace the Marmot Precip Sleeping Bag Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 ° F/-17 ° C: 1190g Garmin Vista Cx: 156g All that stuff was used on PCT 4300km and is still in good condition except the sleeping bag that had to « revise ». A pair of socks last 1000km X-Socks, a pair of Montrail Hardrock last 1500km, the Platypus are more fragile than people think, no more than 1000km in pockets, 1L Gatorade bottles are lightweight and unbreakable, the Katadyn has 800km has been changed after a leak. The backpack, really strong and comfortable enough to 12kg, the Marmot is a windproof Driclime REPELLENT hot as a polar 200 and I use a pillow at night, to the north Golite Coal is really hot in the evening camp and is not afraid moisture, X-Socks Socks are really incredible, very comfortable, no blisters and no odors, Montrail Hardrock shoes are just the best for the long, thermals are lighter Odlo and warmer than the Patagonia Capilene Midweight, with the alcohol stove Brasslite of 23g, water boils in 10 minutes depending on altitude His only fault is to be unstable, but do not « cook » with this mini stove . The thicker version of the mattress for comfort Ridgerest, version 3 / 4 is much lighter than inflation without risk of Lunar Solo tent crevaison.La is really great for the desert and the Sierra, the rain is so funny , but given its low weight it’s really good stuff very well designed, the Western Mountaineering sleeping bag $ 350 7C for 800g … To stay light, no change in my bag, it is not Club Med either … The Buff is a small piece of fabric like Coolmax that protects against heat cold, essential given its weight, there is a version with visor.

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  1. Excellent post – thanks for all the details. I read the Camino posts every night in preparation for our 2013 fist trip. My son and I will trek together celebrating his completion of college. Yours has mostly all of the information I have searched for. Thanks again and Buen Camino!


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