Brocéliande : the legendary forest

Merlin the Magician, The fatherless child is the son of a devout nun and a demon incubusbut escaped to the devil for his baptism. Merlin, who knew how to « transform the appearance of people, » was attached as a bard in the court of King Uther Pen-dragon.He became the friend and adviser of his son, the famous King Arthur.
Together, they restored the institution of the memorial of the supper table. The feast ofPentecost, they pitched a table, this time round, to which they invited him the bravestknights of two Britains.
Half man, half god, prophet and magician, Merlin met the fairy Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, the fountain of Baranton.

According to the  legend, Merlin, by love, gave her little by little all the secrets of his art, to be able to hold a man forever. Viviane took it to keep Merlin as a prisoner in « nine circles » immaterial in the heart of the forest. The ancient writings differ on the exact location of the prison.
Should we see in these two slabs of red shale (remains of an ancient covered walkway), above which stands an old holly, the invisible air prison where Merlin is retained?


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